Smart Parking to Smart Cities

We talk a lot about the smart technologies that are infiltrating every sector and aspect of our daily lives today. Almost every individual is impacted by the technology advancements seen in recent years, regardless where they live or their openness to technology adoption in their personal lives. However, in recent years many urban areas have branded themselves as “Smart Cities,” accelerating the integration of technology across their municipal departments, policies, development, and more. Parking technology, and specifically many of the disruptive technologies we’ve discussed here, are playing a critical role in the transformation of these cities.

A smart city is defined as “an urban area that uses an array of digital technologies to enrich residents’ lives, improve infrastructure, modernize government service, enhance accessibility, drive sustainability, and accelerate economic development.” (Microsoft) These cities are spending millions of dollars and implementing significant changes in their operations to plan for the digital transformation of the future.

Many of these smart cities are harnessing the benefits and opportunities associated with the combination of these disruptive technologies. And many of these technologies are once we have highlighted previously on this platform:

As we have discussed, each one of these transformative technologies have already and will continue to play an important role in the parking industry, how organizations manage and operate their parking assets, and how parking interacts with other essential components of the consumer experience. Complementary experiences that are being impacted by these technologies, while working in collaboration with the parking experience include:

  • Information sharing with the public
  • Upgrading public transit
  • Updating essential infrastructure
  • Improving accessibility and equity
  • Reducing waste and improving sustainability
  • Supporting economic growth and development
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and utilizing data

Smart cities are highlighting the ways disruptive technologies can improve the overall user experience and create more safe, equitable, and pleasant experiences for people at every point in their day from home to work to play and everything in between.

ParkEngage is leading the way in developing and implementing smart parking solutions that are vital to supporting smart cities and their initiatives to make these connections. Check out our Touchless Self-Parking and Touchless Valet solutions!

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