Future Tech: Cloud Computing and Hardware Virtualization

In the next feature in our series of highlights on the trending technologies coming to a parking operation near year, we are discussing cloud computing and hardware virtualization.

Cloud computing refers to the on-demand delivery of computing services—machines, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”). Organizations using these technologies are able to pay as they go, scale as needed, and rent to use instead of own. Hardware Virtualization is the abstraction of the various hardware resources into software and their functions delivered as services over the Internet from the Cloud.

Traditionally, the parking industry has been hardware intensive with the prevalence of bulky and expensive hardware equipment like PARCS systems, ticket dispensing machines, pay-on-foot machines, cash registers, on premise desktops and server machines, etc. However, cloud computing and hardware virtualization are leading to the minimization of the hardware onsite in the garage, thus significantly reducing operations costs on electricity, paper etc. Many of these solutions are being consolidated or eliminated completely from off-street and on-street parking operations, creating a more streamlined experience for parking staff and customers.

Next generation cloud-native parking technologies, with minimal hardware and software on premise, are now being developed to be self-managing, freeing garage operations from expensive hardware maintenance and labor costs. With inexpensive sensors and readers, mobile payment on customer phones, and ALPR based enforcement, all the access control and enforcement hardware like gates and barriers are becoming virtualized. In addition, wayfinding signage is giving way to digital signage, guiding the customer all the way from the road to their vacant parking spot, reducing carbon emissions and the time to park. ParkEngage is leading the way in developing parking technologies that create a far lower impact on organizations’ bottom lines, allowing our clients to pay as they use and scale to meet their specific needs. This helps to dramatically reduce the costs associated with equipment that is often already outdated shortly after installation, while keeping up with the latest technology trends to meet customer expectations.

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