Future Tech: Internet of Things

As we continue along our series of trending technologies coming to a garage near you (or that already have) we are looking at the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT includes the growing number of everyday devices and objects with embedded sensors, processors, and software. They use the internet or other networks to exchange data with other devices and systems.

IoT devices like intelligent thermostat can sense the environment and track how you use its feature and make changes to increase efficiency. IoT sensors like infrared devices detect proximity and obstacles near them. IoT helps connect devices via the internet, gather data, and provide valuable information to aid in the overall parking experience for users and operators.

There are many examples of IoT having already impacted the parking industry. From sensor-based technologies used for parking guidance systems and parking availability, to the convenience and personalized services offered to parkers using micro location technologies in the garage. There are so many opportunities to anticipate consumer behaviors and streamline operations and offer targeted marketing offers using geo-fencing sensors and other IoT devices. The extensive amount of data and information available to parking operators today also highlights how IoT has transformed the industry and the opportunities created.

The industry is in a position to not only transform the parking experience altogether but provide the resources to create more effective, healthier communities. IoT is the backbone of this aspect of the future of parking.

These trending technologies have already and will continue to help further understand the customer behavior. This will prove valuable at allowing owners and operators effectively market and provide personalized service, while creating seamless and efficient parking experiences along their journeys.  

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