Digitally Engage with your Customers, Employees, and Partners with ParkEngage

ParkEngage is committed to leading the parking and mobility industry into the future with our touchless solutions. We’ve recently expanded our suite of technologies to reflect extensive opportunities we can provide to our clients.

We offer a wide range of products over a powerful digital platform, built just for the parking industry. They are designed to enhance the customer parking experience, marketing and sales channel management, garage front office operations, and back-office management. These solutions include:

Touchless Self-Parking

Meet the needs and expectations of your highly mobile customer base and create a completely touchless parking experience.

Touchless Valet Parking
This web-based and mobile-based service enables your valet parking facility to quickly deploy touchless parking capabilities.

Touchless Permit Parking
Enables you to implement a custom and personalized solution to make their parking experience as pleasant as possible.

Touchless Monthly Parking
Allows operators to create a more pleasant and convenient parking experience for their monthly parkers, while enabling staff to provide enhanced service.

Online Parking Reservations
Enhance the parking experience by allowing parkers to reserve space in your parking facility ahead of time, while incorporating comprehensive touchless parking solutions.

Aggregator and Channel Management
Gain control of your parking inventory. Embrace the strengths of aggregators and channel partners and resell your parking inventory on your own terms.

Promotions and Loyalty
Attract new customers with comprehensive and integrated marketing initiatives. Stay ahead of your competition and create brand loyalty with long-term, repeat customers.

ALPR Based Parking Enforcement
Now more than ever parking owners and operators are seeking solutions that come low to no upfront capital investments. Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)-based enforcement solutions reduce these costs while helping to increase capture rates, revenues, and more.

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards
Get key performance indicators for the parking industry and utilize these tools to analyze data, identify patterns in the data, and implement strategies for applying this analysis to the decision making.

White Label Apps
White label parking apps by ParkEngage are fully functional customer apps that can be easily customized and branded, to offer all the parking services offered by the parking operators and parking facility owners. These Apps easily integrate and leverage existing garage infrastructure.

Our solutions are “pay as you use”, all with no upfront investment in hardware or software, or any ongoing maintenance costs. Our Touchless solutions do not require customers to download mobile apps, but we also offer custom white label apps. Learn more about how our solutions can help improve your bottom line and reduce expenses.

All of our solutions are designed to complement one another, and we can work with you to build a customized platform combining the select products that will help advance your operation. Contact us today to schedule a demo and get started taking your operation digital!

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