It’s Never to Early to Prepare for Back to School

As we near the end of the school year, colleges and universities nationwide are wrapping all of the academic milestones and sending off students and faculty toward the summer. Similarly, parking departments at these institutions have completed some of the busiest events of their year like sporting events, graduations, and even student move outs.

While it may seem like a time to relax a bit (and should be), it’s also an important time to look ahead toward the next school year and identify opportunities and solutions to improve the campus experience next year. Parking and transportation play an important role in this experience for students, staff, and visitors, and should be carefully considered when looking toward improvements for the coming year.

Higher education institutions have always led the way at identifying and incorporating new innovative technologies. From residential developments to research and academic facilities, colleges and universities consistently implement the latest innovations. Their parking and transportation departments should (and often do) keep pace. The parking experience should only enhance that of every person who steps onto campus.

Here are just a few of the opportunities ParkEngage to help you improve the parking operation at your college or university.

Touchless Permit Parking: Allow students, faculty, and staff to manage their permit parking online, while eliminating the need for hangtags and stickers. This also improves the parking enforcement process, allowing parking enforcement officers to easily verify valid permits through mobile ALPR.

Touchless Parking: Perfect for event parking, provide a seamless and contactless way for parkers to simply scan a QR code when they arrive, call for their vehicle when they want to depart, and pay for this parking in one easy-to-use solution. No need for costly equipment or additional apps.

Online Reservations: Another great solution for event parking, our online reservation solution allows parkers to reserve spaces ahead of time, and be met with a touchless parking experience upon arrival. You have the option to manage real-time pricing based on availability and demand, maximizing parking revenues.

ALPR Based Parking Enforcement: Enhance your parking enforcement operation while more effectively utilizing staff and reducing overhead. ALPR solutions reduce the significant costs associated with extensive equipment installation, while maintaining the highest enforcement accuracy. PEOs use a mobile device to scan license plates and are immediately notified if a permit is expired or a vehicle is not compliant. Let us help you create a more digital parking experience for everyone who visits your campus. Contact ParkEngage to learn more about how you can incorporate any of our solutions at a low cost with no equipment set up.

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