Creating a Comprehensive Customer Journey

Following up on our previous blog regarding the changes our industry may face in the coming year as cities and communities begin to reopen, another significant factor that parking operators and owners should consider is the overall “customer journey”. While traditionally these organizations have been primarily focused on simply providing a convenient and pleasant parking experience, they are now more and more faced with providing a wider range of complementary experiences and services outside of the standard parking services.

For instance, as operators seek to accommodate a potential new population of parkers – those who before primarily utilized public transportation but for the foreseeable future may feel more comfortable driving in their personal vehicles – it will be essential to offer solutions that enable individuals to customize their travel experience. These may include adding innovative transit and mobility solutions such as bicycle or scooter rentals for the “last mile” of their trip. It may also even include incorporating parking facility locations in closer proximity to public transit options for those comfortable taking public transit for shorter trips.

Another significant component of the customer journey is the interaction between the user’s chosen parking facility and their destination. Many trips involve a visit to a restaurant, concert, movie, or sporting event. A great opportunity for all parties – customers, parking operators, and destination owners – is to partner to enhance the overall customer experience. These partnerships can include offering discounted parking on the destination’s website. This can help to not only create a more seamless experience but helps to further promote the operator’s facilities by offering parking discounts, valet parking services, and more. Further, the parking facility may also help to promote the restaurant, event center, theater, etc. through their marketing venues, as well as their mobile applications. This can be a great opportunity for all parties, while enhancing the overall customer journey from start to finish.

Technology will continue to play a critical role in enhancing this customer journey. As more operators integrate these solutions, and more patrons seek a “customizable” experience, both may seek solutions that will enable to user to plan, pay for, and execute their unique travel journey all through one touchless solution. Either way, the future of parking, transportation, and mobility technology is now.

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