A Return to Normal: How Can Parking Operators and Owners Prepare to Serve their Customers in 2021?

2020 has definitely been a wild ride for many – especially those of us in the parking, transportation, and mobility industry. Our industry has been impacted significantly, with huge reductions in parking demand, and the resulting impact that has had on budgets and staffing numbers.

We are of course hopeful that in 2021 we will begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel with the reopening of cities, as well as people becoming more comfortable returning to their previous routines. One part of this return to “normal” that could help our industry get back on its feet is that (at least for a while) people may feel more comfortable driving to destinations in their vehicles rather than getting back on public transit. That extra time in their own, personal “pod” may help to increase their comfort level and likelihood that they will venture back out to events, restaurants, workplaces, and more. With that, parking owners and operators should be ready to go to provide these patrons with the most safe and comfortable experience possible. The key to this being technology.

Now is the perfect time for these owners and operators to begin to integrate parking technologies into their facilities so they are ready to go when parking demand increases again. Drivers will have high expectations for their parking facilities to provide the most convenient and safe customer journey possible. Touchless parking solutions will be vital to enhancing these experiences, allowing patrons to find, navigate to, and pay for their parking from their mobile devices, while limiting their interactions with other people. Not only will their previous customer base expect these new technologies, but they will be vital to maintaining this new population of parkers who may have previously taken public transit options. Don’t wait until your communities reopen to begin to think about incorporating touchless parking solutions into your facilities. Check out ParkEngage touchless parking to learn more about how our services can quickly and seamlessly enhance your operation. Check out our new touchless parking video to see how it works, and contact us today to schedule a demo!