ParkEngage Releases New Monthly Parking Service for Operators

ParkEngage recently released its new Monthly Parking service designed to assist operators  better serve and support their monthly parking customers . The ParkEngage Monthly Parking service provides a touchless and frictionless experience for monthly parkers. Further, the service can be easily integrated into the operator’s existing systems or be added as a standalone solution.

The ParkEngage Monthly Parking service is a groundbreaking new solution designed to enable operators to create a more pleasant and convenient parking experience for their monthly parkers, while creating efficiency that will enable staff to provide enhanced service. The service has been built to efficiently manage monthly customer contracts; ease billing and accounts receivable tasks; track parkers by category, status, and location; enable touchless self-service for customers; and eliminate customer wait times. Further, the service includes an extensive reporting platform allowing operators to obtain specific reports to view and audit extensive data including transactions, facility utilization, and more.

The Monthly Parking service will allow operators to implement numerous additional features across their parking assets including:

  • Setting up recurring monthly payments
  • Splitting payments on different cards
  • Selling monthly permits online
  • Manage multiple vehicles per family or business
  • Automatically post monthly invoices and send past due notices
  • Enable “Get My Car” feature to schedule vehicle pickups

The service also includes a monthly parking web portal which provides each parker with their own personal site (accessible online or via mobile app) to conveniently manage their account, set up billing, manage their vehicles, look up account and payment history, and more. Parkers can also contact customer support through this portal to directly communicate with operator management. These features serve as an incentive to create a loyal monthly parking base, helping to increase revenues.

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