Touchless Mobility and Transportation: Enhancing the Entire Customer Journey

The customer journey has been reimagined. For so many years it has consisted of driving to a destination, parking, and getting on our way. Unless you were in an urban core, you most likely arrived where you were going in a vehicle. The parking industry has successfully dedicated years to identifying solutions and strategies to make the parking experience as seamless and comfortable as possible.

However, in recent years the customer journey has incorporated other alternative mobility and transportation options along the way. From public transportation like buses and trains to mobility options like scooters and bicycles. Many people use a combination of these modes, along with driving, to get to where they are going.

Parking is often the first part of the journey, with drivers arriving at a parking facility or lot and then catching their train or completing their trip on a bike, scooter, or even walking. As cities continue to develop and parking becomes more limited, it’s increasingly difficult to park directly at your destination. These alternative modes have helped people get to more places more easily than they could before. Touchless parking streamlines and expedites the entire process, allowing people to park their vehicle and get right to the next part of their journey quickly and seamlessly.

Touchless solutions have already played a role in these options, and the day is coming where they will all be incorporated into one. Now people can purchase their train or bus passes, or reserve a bike or scooter, through their mobile app just like they can reserve, manage, and pay for their parking. At Yankee Stadium, ParkEngage worked with City Parking to allow patrons to accomplish all parking and transportation related tasks including making parking reservations, purchasing parking passes, purchasing bus passes, and more. The ParkEngage Online Reservations solution significantly improved the patron experience, while helping the operator manage real-time pricing and availability, enhance customer service and loyalty, and increase revenues.

As parking solution providers, we are always looking ahead at how our solutions can help get people where they are going, from the time they leave their homes until they return. Touchless solutions continue to make these journeys seamless. Check out the entire ParkEngage Suite of Solutions!

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