Creating a Good First Impression with Touchless Parking

First impressions are key to any experience. They can have a significant impact on someone’s opinion of a person or place. Parking is the first (and the last) impression most people get when visiting a destination. It can quite literally determine whether or not they return.

Parkers today have extremely high expectations when it comes to their parking experience. Safety and security is of course their number one priority, both for themselves and their vehicle. The next priority is convenience. Given the significant increase in parking technologies presented to them today, many are looking for the opportunity to arrive and depart in the most efficient and quick manner possible. Touchless parking is the perfect solution to these expectations.

From self-park to valet operations, touchless parking technologies offer the convenience every customer wants. With these solutions, parkers can arrive, drop off their vehicle, pay, and depart the facility quickly, seamlessly, and touch free.

Parking should not be something people even have to think about. It should be that simple. They should be able to easily drop off their vehicle and go straight to their destination without long wait times, figuring out payment machines, or interacting with staff. Touchless parking solutions get people where they want to be as quickly as possible. They also help free up time and resources from parking staff, allowing them to focus on other efforts like safety, maintenance, and customer service. ParkEngage offers end-to-end touchless parking for both self and valet garages, comprehensive customer relationship management, mobile valet, permit parking, and parking inventory and multi-channel management. ParkEngage can integrate our solutions with any existing parking equipment or applications, or work with our clients to create custom applications that meet their unique needs. Check out the entire ParkEngage Suite of Solutions today!

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