Come Fly Away: Innovative Parking Technologies for Airports

The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on travel in the United States and worldwide. It resulted in a dramatic reduction in people flying domestically due to health and safety concerns. However, it has also significantly curbed international travel for the same reason, as well as because of numerous international travel bans. However, there […]

By admin | March 11, 2021

Innovative Parking Marketing: Attract, Retain, and Support Loyal Customers

One of the actions that parking owners and operators will have to take immediately once communities reopen is to find new and creative ways to attract customers – previous and new. Prior to the pandemic, many utilized innovative marketing strategies and promotions to bring in new customers, as well as reward their loyal base. Promo […]

By admin | March 4, 2021

Dynamic Pricing: Gain Back Control of Your Assets

For any business or organization, data is critical. It helps provide an understanding of the patterns and behaviors necessary to make essential day to day decisions, and utilize that information to best serve customers, maximize revenues, and identify and implement strategies to streamline operations. One of many opportunities to effectively utilize this information is with […]

By admin | February 24, 2021

Parking in the Cloud

We’ve all heard about “the cloud”. Whether it’s in relation to our personal electronics like our mobile phones and computers, or in the technologies we use in our professional lives as parking and transportation professionals, the past ten years or so have seemingly revolved around how to manage the information and data we store in […]

By admin | February 17, 2021

Analyze This: Analytics Applied to Parking Operations

Many parking systems today are set up to gather a significant amount of information from users through parking apps, monthly parking systems, beacon-based solutions, and more. But how can this information be used to help the operator enhance its operation and more effectively serve its patrons, while ensuring the safety and security of their private […]

By admin | February 10, 2021

Post-COVID Considerations to Increase Profits and Support Your Loyal Customer Base

In the final of our three-part series of blogs looking ahead to communities and cities reopening in 2021, we focus on how operators will seek to increase their profits, attract new customers, and support their existing patrons. The 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns have had a significant impact on budgets and staffing levels. As we look forward […]

By admin | February 4, 2021