Touchless Parking Experience for the Drive-Up Parkers

Touchless parking has transformed the parking industry in recent years. It was already significantly impacting the market before COVID-19 came along, with the younger, smartphone-dependent generation adopting the solutions at a high rate. Following COVID people are very conscious of hygiene and would prefer to touch few surfaces and interact with as few individuals throughout their day as possible.

Some garages have tried to offer touchless parking to their parkers, but with the technologies available to them in the market, they have been limited to offer touchless solutions to only those parkers who have identified themselves prior to coming to the garage. This is typically as low as 10-20 percent of the total number of customers who park with them. With these limiting technologies, garages have only been able to offer touchless parking if a customer is willing to download parking apps on their phones, register their vehicles by creating customer accounts with the garage, or make a reservation or hold a permit thus identifying their vehicle.  

However, the majority of the parkers coming to a typical garage are drive-up customers. These customers may have never visited that garage before, may be unwilling to download a new parking app or create an account, or may not have a prior reservation or permit. Unfortunately, in the absence of any touchless solution for the drive-up customers available to the garage, those parkers are limited to using old-fashion paper tickets. They must push a button on a ticket dispensing machine, pull a ticket, carry and not misplace their paper ticket, and then present their paper ticket at the time of payment to the parking attendant or insert in a pay on foot machines. Thus exposing themselves to the unhygienic surfaces, or putting themselves and the attendant at risk of exposure to transmission of germs.

ParkEngage is revolutionizing the touchless parking technologies. With the ParkEngage Touchless Parking solutions deployed in the garage, all customers, regardless of previous parking, permit, or reservation status, get the same touchless experience, and all of that without customer needing to download any parking App.

Contact us for more information about our innovative Touchless Parking solution and to set up a demo or a free trial.

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