Streamline Your Back-End Parking with Digital Tech

Throughout our recent series of blogs on the digitalization of the parking and mobility industry, we have addressed a number of components of the parking operations experience. This includes:

We have enjoyed looking at how the evolution of digital parking technologies have impacted each of the various aspects of the parking experience, as well as looking ahead to how they will continue to transform our industry. The result will be many new opportunities to create a more convenient and pleasant parking experience for customers, as well as streamline operations for staff. However, it will also result in a very different looking parking atmosphere in the future including less equipment, more touchless technologies, reducing or reallocating staff, and more. There are a number of steps that need to be taken in the coming years to prepare for this significant change.

The final aspect of the parking experience that has and will continue to transform due to digitalization is back-end operations. Already in recent years this has made a dramatic improvement. But these new technologies will provide so many additional opportunities for parking owners and operators to obtain and evaluate data and information to enhance their operation, as well providing potential customers with the tools and power to make the right parking decision for themselves.

For instance, parking aggregators have significantly impacted the industry in recent years, allowing owners to see their real-time parking information and reach additional customers. However, there are now opportunities to harness the strengths of those aggregators and maximize your parking platform. The ParkEngage Aggregator and Channel Management platform allows operators to consolidate their channel management partnerships, giving them real-time insight into their parking availability and letting them partner with nearby businesses to promote the inventory available that has not been sold by aggregators. This results in reaching a wider marketing of customers, gaining better negotiating power, and maximizing revenues.

Another way that digitalization has impacted parking operations is through reporting and analytics. All of the data and information generated and consolidated into these platforms provides operators with valuable information to identify weaknesses and increase productivity. The ParkEngage Reporting and Analytics Dashboard takes the strengths of these solutions a step further to help our clients utilize key performance indicators for the parking industry as a whole, and apply innovative tools to analyze the data generated from their operation in line with these KPIs. This strategy helps to identify patterns in the data, and the strategies for applying this analysis to the decision making.

Finally, this development has made a significant impact on monthly parking operations, making the process and experience much more efficient. For instance, it has helped to streamline monthly parking operations by creating an automated invoicing process through email or auto-pay. It can also help with monthly parking enforcement by automatically suspending accounts and parking privileges until payments are received. Learn more about the ParkEngage Touchless Monthly Parking solution to find out how your monthly operation can improve.

We have loved walking with you through this series of blogs designed to look ahead at the future of the industry and how digitalization and new parking technologies will continue to impact parking and mobility from all sides. At ParkEngage we are constantly looking forward and identifying how we can continue to improve our solutions and develop new technologies to meet the changing needs of customers and parking owners and operators. We hope you’ll continue to join us on this journey.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help prepare your operation for a digital and touchless future!

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