Is Touchless Parking Right for My Operation? Your Most Pressing Questions Answered!

Touchless parking solutions continue to gain steam and become more popular in parking facilities throughout the country. These solutions help create a much more seamless parking experience for customers, but also help to significantly improve the day-to-day management efforts of staff.

Since COVID, these touchless parking solutions have increased in demand as people are seeking to reduce interactions with others as much as possible. Further, customers are also now in search of opportunities to reduce the number of apps they must download, and rather prefer to pay for their parking through a one-time link, particularly when they are parking in places they don’t frequent.

While organizations (and the community) have become much more open to touchless parking solutions, they continue to have questions or misconceptions related to whether these technologies are right for their existing facilities. We’re here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about touchless parking!

I have old gates. Do I have to replace them to implement touchless parking technologies?

No!  ParkEngage Touchless parking can use your existing gates to let your patrons enter and exit your gated facility as a transient parker on a reservation or as a drive-up using ParkEngage Mobile Pay. Further, existing permit holders can utilize ParkEngage Digital Permits to enter their regular facilities.

Automation is expensive, and I don’t have a large capital budget like the big guys. How can I use the latest parking automation on a budget.

ParkEngage touchless parking solutions require little to no up-front investment. ParkEngage can integrate with your existing equipment to implement ParkEngage Touchless Parking, Digital Permits, Mobile Pay, Reservations, Valet, and more!

Some of my customers don’t have a smartphone. How can touchless parking work for them?

ParkEngage Touchless Parking works with smartphones but doesn’t require smartphones to pay for parking. Customers that do not have a smartphone can enter, pay, and exit as a drive-up, park on a reservation, or use their digital permit without a smartphone.

I have installed a lot of technology in my garages over the past 10 years pre-COVID.  But now Touchless parking is the latest thing and I’m not ready to upgrade everything yet.

ParkEngage Touchless Parking can integrate with any existing gated system. Our solutions are pay-as-you-go and require little up-front costs and no equipment costs. We can work with you to identify the solutions that will perfectly complement your existing operation and equipment.

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